Sunday, August 14, 2011

Art Therapy and Eating Disorder Treatment

I just came across this incredible website called Adios Barbie. It is positive body image website, and it holds an abundance of incredible information and support for those struggling with eating disorders and body image challenges.

Check it out at:

And see a great article about Eating Disorders and Art Therapy on the site's home page.

The beauty of Art Therapy when working with eating disorders is that it is a powerful expressive medium for spilling emotions into a creative form so that they can be witnessed, shared, and released from the body. Once engaged in a creative expression, emotions and experiences (both conscious and unconscious)can find release and transformation through the art. This helps the client to see their struggles in a type of mirror (the art) that they themselves have created. Not to mention that there are not always words for the happenings of the body and psyche. This is where the art comes in as a vehicle of expression to utilize as a type of language for difficult emotions and experiences that cannot be fully expressed in words. Powerful stuff!

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