Monday, August 22, 2011

"North Star" by Kate King

She finds herself sailing in the nighttime waters
unsure about the horizon, and without a north star.
She must be the north star—embody it
for it was never promised that the rising sun would shine again
it was only assumed.
A closer look toward the frosted reflection of a face in the current is so still – so certain
until punctured by the motion of another form.
Then, like dancing nymphs of clouded dreams
the solidity of form disperses
to be adopted into the vastness again.

Doors and windows swing open and closed.
Opportunities introduced and retracted as the steady clock ticks
marking the aging moment.
The future becomes the present, and is fleetingly renamed as the past.
Too late.
What once was will never again be
and how to start anew without old names stands as a quest toward danger.
The oldest patterns lie like deep-set wrinkles
posing as reminders and promises, all together yearning to be repeated.

When the horizon is lost the directions become twin-like
removing clarity and flirting
as the ship sways and swings in its search for steadiness.
Amazingly the center shifts
as though taking its pendulum form and grasping
for tethered points that were designed for such a moment.
Realization strikes like fire on skin
while the choice is finally made in all its catastrophe.

Heads turn away as the beauty introduces herself.
They do not wish to see the creature
born from the ashes of old habits.
They cannot navigate what they do not know.
She must source her own wisdom from gifts before learned
and she must be still enough to listen.
A beating source more loud than before beckons.
The code is difficult but not impossible.
She realizes that this life is tiresome and fierce
and lovely.
She knows, but only needs to hear herself
above the screaming chorus that beckons her distance from her truth.
Steadiness appears like an old friend
inviting clouds of uncertainty to pass.
The end looks like the beginning, with its hope-drizzled veil
and she realizes that she knows the only possible answer:
to exhale and confidently step into the beautiful unknown.

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