Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day For Love of a Different Kind

Valentines day: A holiday loved by some and loathed by others. 
Many believe that in order to enjoy this day we must share it with another person whom we love romantically and buy chocolates for. Skeptics and singles around the country often turn their backs on this holiday because of the romance it implies. How about this view of Valentines Day: Today is the one day of the year that Hallmark, the media, and our social structure tells us we can  
explosively, shamelessly LOVE. Why not: 

take this permission and turn this love inward toward your own heart. 
Appreciate and love the body/mind that carry you smoothly through your journey.
Shed kindness outward to a stranger with a warm smile. 
Send love overseas to a soldier who might need some uplifting.
Share a donation with a charity or foundation that gives others comfort and safety.
Speak honestly from your heart to tell someone you care for how you feel.
Write yourself a love letter and decorate it.
Offer a helping hand to a neighbor, colleague, or stranger who is struggling.
Share a hug. We so often forget the power of human touch.
And on a random, but inspiring Valentines note...Dolphins enter the world from a heart-shaped womb.

 Love is everywhere; in both the seen and the unseen corners of our lives. Find a way to celebrate your love in whichever way works for you.
 May you love and be loved today, and always.

--Kate King

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