Monday, August 13, 2012

Trust These Things

Partake fully in this experience. Fully.
Feel the change.
Experience a sense of sweet detachment, knowing always to keep your heart open. 
Love yourself.
Become a conscious dreamer. 
You are intrinsically worthy of this, and all things.
Trust the power that holds galaxies together. 
This is all on purpose.
With seeds and tides, life is a sacred journey.
Growth is just seeing it sooner. 
See beauty in everything.
Be true. Create what you’ve imagined. 
There are a million worlds out there waiting for you.
There is light even when you can’t see it.
Spirit reaches to us from the earth below and heavens beyond.

That which you cannot describe, but which exists, makes life extraordinary.

Decide to rise. Stand on your sacred ground.
It’s only for a moment that we are this.
Look from the center. Enjoy your inner world. Use every moment to see more clearly.

View the lessons as perfect.
Awaken. Feel the fullness.
You don’t have to know.

Open to gratitude for the millions of the ways you are blessed.
There is just the right moment for everything.
Nature loves courage. In this world, everything is flowing.
Dance when the wind blows. You are life. 
Get near the heart of the world.
Stillness is pleasure. Express and unfold. Everything has the power to transform us.
Did you know that you are a chalice? Trust the rhythm. Your inner wisdom knows the purpose.
You are a full participant and it is all a choice. Be the way.
Something is calling you. Be at ease and just observe.
 As you plant your own truth, more truth comes to life.
Imagine; even in the struggle, you are loved.

Live creatively. 
Feel the quiet power and trust that what we seek is here.
We have guardian angels and thousands of teachers. Thousands. See possibilities.
Let life be deep and become unbound all at once. Maybe even anchor into your core.
Speak your mind by telling all of your heart.
Send love. You never know when something new is being born.
We are humans, giving as we receive. 
There is magic in the power of seeing what is truly there.
The time is now. Make room for miracles and they will come.
Release yourself and bring light to the shadows, knowing that the honey is always there.
Feel the great turning. Just feel it.
The forest evolves as a whole.
If you chose to, you can become the sun. Become the moon. Be both at once.
The pathway is open. 
Find your flow knowing that the first peace comes from within.

Now you know.
Trust these things.

Mystic Mamma & Kate King, 2012

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