Thursday, September 25, 2014

Trees, Glorious Trees

Those who know me well know of my fascination with trees. 

The image of a tree has an amazing ability to represent human form in a metaphor that is often intriguingly accurate and thought provoking. For example, the deeply knotted, weathered-looking trunk in the first tree shown below could parallel a person's experience of their life and body being tight, knotted, and worn. The roots shown in the second tree, straining to hold a tree that appears to be falling sideways, could be indicative of a person's "roots" or feelings of steadiness and groundedness being pulled apart from the solidity of their life as their world shifts directions. The third tree shows a pear-shaped trunk sitting solidly upon its foundation. This could indicate a body image depiction of a person feeling the weight of their body. 

These trees all grow naturally and beautifully at the Denver Botanic Gardens, however the way individuals draw trees can show many hints into both their conscious and subconscious experience of their Self on multiple fronts.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for giving us such accurate and applicable metaphors for our own projection!

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