Friday, May 11, 2018

Two Profound Game-Changing Books About how to Approach Life

I recently lost someone very dear to me, my grandmother, to whatever the next phase of existence is beyond this life. In my grief and desire to process her death, I felt very drawn to these two books:

“The Biology of Belief”—B. Lipton
“Dying to be Me”—A. Moorjani

Perhaps these books presented to me during a vulnerable time when I was willing to absorb their teachings, or maybe I would have been baffled by their messages regardless when I discovered them—either way, they are certainly worth sharing.

I highly recommend that all people read these books as a way to round out their perspective of our complex human experience. From any age, religion, occupation, gender...I truly believe there are gems here for you. Please share your thoughts and reactions with me!

May we appreciate and feel gratitude for the people, health, and experiences of our lives. What could matter more?

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