Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Parallels Between Young and Old

Not often do I write long winded blog posts, as I prefer to share interesting articles and information that crosses my path, but today something interesting crossed my path in the presence of my three year old son that I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon.

I was driving my son, Bridger, to school this morning amidst the normal hustle bustle of our morning routine, and we were listening to a Sesame Street CD (I know, I know). Instead of getting lost in my thoughts I found myself being present with the lyrics of the particular song being sung by the chorus of Big Bird, Elmo, and Abby Cadaby entitled "Things Change." The song was about how no matter what, things are always changing, flowing, and evolving, and how sometimes this can be challenging and frustrating when we would often prefer things to stay the same where they feel predictable and safe.

I thought to myself, wow. At such a young age children are being taught the importance of flexibility related to the inevitability of change in life. This song was sending a message of acceptance and letting go of the desire to control and remain stagnant in an ever-evolving world. This is the same issue I so often discuss with adults in my therapy practice. It occurs to me that young, old, three, thirty-three, or eighty-three, we all circle around the same experiences of what it means to be human. To walk the delicate balance of accepting the things we cannot change (often change itself!) while also living in a world so rich and vibrant.

As with so many things, my three year old showed me something of such value in this experience. We are all moving through this journey of life, learning and re-learning the same important (sometimes not-so-important) lessons. Today the topic is "Things Change." Who knows what it will be tomorrow, but you can bet it will certainly be something!

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