Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Insomnia? Try EFT

Below is the link for an interesting and helpful article for people who struggle with insomnia. If you've never heard of EFT, it can be a new avenue to try for trouble falling asleep or nighttime wakefulness.

Click here to read article

Friday, January 27, 2012

Room - By E. Donoghue

I wanted to share a book I just read with all of you. Room by Emma Donoghue

This book is a great fictional read with a remarkable story that sheds light on the power of hope, love, and perseverance. Jack is a 5 year old adorable kid who was born and raised for his first 5 years within an 11'x11' room that he knows to be his home. Jack is a magical thinker and a brilliant observer, and his mother raised him while being prisoner to "Old Nick" who forced various forms of abuse upon her. In this story Jack and his mother paint a clear mental picture for the reader of what it would be like to life within such confines, while also sharing a story about love and the courage it takes to fight for and support that love.This book blew me away. I recommend it highly to all avid readers, as well as those who live life with a sense of appreciation and wonder.

A great interactive website for this book is available at http://www.roomthebook.com/

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What happens to abused kids' brains

This is an interesting article about how abused childrens' brains work like soldiers' do. Please read by clicking below:


Spread this awareness about child abuse in the hopes that someday it will no longer be an issue.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sand Dancer: Beautiful and Inspiring

Creating art can happen anywhere. This video is an incredible testimony to the freedom and possibility available when we open our minds to different forms of creativity and expression:

Click below:
Sand Dancer

Monday, January 2, 2012


I want to share a great exercise with you called "backtracking" as written in Joanna Poppink's book Healing Your Hungry Heart: Recovering From Your Eating Disorder.

In her book, Poppink explains "backtracking:"

"Pick an item of food. Trace it back to where it began. Go back as far as you can, paying attention to the hands, minds, hearts, and backs of the people who were involved in the chain that brought it to your table.
For example, consider an apple. Take it from your hand to your refrigerator, to the grocery bag you carried it in to your car, to the market display, to the storage bin, to the truck, the loading dock, and all the people who picked and packed the apple, to the farmers who planted the seeds. See if you can get to the orchard and the individual tree."

This great exercise can be practiced with any item of food, and also with anything at all. It becomes a mind and soul-expanding practice that helps to make your presence more real in the world by making your food and the forces that brought your food to you more real to you. This is also a great exercise to help you cultivate gratitude and appreciation for the things in your life that sustain, nourish, and enrich you.