Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Insightful Blogger (as long as you don't mind profanity)

Hello Crew. 
Do you all know of this blogger, Mark Manson? A client of mine just shared him with me calling him "the dark-zen type"--which of course was very I checked out his blog, and he has some super insightful thoughts and posts (as long as you don't mind profanity). 
If you're interested here is his blog:

Monday, November 6, 2017

Great Read to Gain Some Perspective

I've started reading Brene Brown's new book, "Braving the Wilderness," and I am loving it. Speaking with some of my friends and colleagues, I realize that not everyone is familiar with this brilliant author and her moving, thought-provoking books. This one is about True Belonging, and I think it just might ring true in more ways than one for many of us.

Well, click here to see Braving the Wilderness on Amazon. Happy reading!