Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Word of the Season - Change

Change is the word of the season. Vivid colors, cooling temperatures, pumpkins. As I look around me I am absolutely taken by the beautiful array of colors this Autumn. It strikes me, the way nature so often does, the parallels and contrasts between nature and ourselves. So many clients who have worked session after session on accepting and embracing change are able to do so quite easily when it comes to admiring the changing leaves, but struggle so deeply with embracing other forms of change in their lives. I ask myself why, and I arrive at a few potential reasons:

-This isn't the first time we've seen change in the form of Autumn. It is part of a predictable, cyclical pattern that we have grown used to over our lifetimes, thus we know what to expect.

-The particular flavor of change we witness in the changing season is quite beautiful, unlike so many aspects of change we resist in other areas of our lives. Perhaps it is easier to accept change in this lovely form.

-Changing leaves is external to our Selves. Perhaps we are more comfortable with seeking and embracing that which is not within.

-The colors and temperatures of fall are physical, visual, sensory experiences. Might we more easily accept the forms of change that present in these concrete ways rather than the internal or abstract changes of our lives that are more nebulous or etherial?

-We have no choice whether the leaves will fall or not; we must simply go with it because it is, and always has been, what just is. Is it easier to accept change that happens outside of our control?

Just a few reflections to consider during this beautiful Fall season. I ask you, is there a change knocking on your door? And if so, how would you choose to greet this visitor?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Walk Tall" Great Book

I wanted to share a great book that I stumbled upon in a Japanese bookstore at Japantown in San Francisco during some recent travels. Below are snapshots of a few pages I like within the book, but really the whole book is pretty motivational and inspiring.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Parallels Between Young and Old

Not often do I write long winded blog posts, as I prefer to share interesting articles and information that crosses my path, but today something interesting crossed my path in the presence of my three year old son that I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon.

I was driving my son, Bridger, to school this morning amidst the normal hustle bustle of our morning routine, and we were listening to a Sesame Street CD (I know, I know). Instead of getting lost in my thoughts I found myself being present with the lyrics of the particular song being sung by the chorus of Big Bird, Elmo, and Abby Cadaby entitled "Things Change." The song was about how no matter what, things are always changing, flowing, and evolving, and how sometimes this can be challenging and frustrating when we would often prefer things to stay the same where they feel predictable and safe.

I thought to myself, wow. At such a young age children are being taught the importance of flexibility related to the inevitability of change in life. This song was sending a message of acceptance and letting go of the desire to control and remain stagnant in an ever-evolving world. This is the same issue I so often discuss with adults in my therapy practice. It occurs to me that young, old, three, thirty-three, or eighty-three, we all circle around the same experiences of what it means to be human. To walk the delicate balance of accepting the things we cannot change (often change itself!) while also living in a world so rich and vibrant.

As with so many things, my three year old showed me something of such value in this experience. We are all moving through this journey of life, learning and re-learning the same important (sometimes not-so-important) lessons. Today the topic is "Things Change." Who knows what it will be tomorrow, but you can bet it will certainly be something!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

How Screen Time Affects Kids' Brains

It's always an interesting topic between parents, teachers, therapists, and anyone who works with children to discuss the effects of technological screen exposure on a developing child's brain. This is an interesting article from Psychology Today that discusses the many areas of benefit and concern with such exposure. From excess stimuli to the hindrance of building in-person social connections, this seems like a pretty on-target article. Click here to access the article.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Unhappy? Ask yourself these questions

I thought this was a really on-point article with some great questions that often contribute to why so many of us struggle and feel unhappy.

Click here to view the article

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Why Punish Children for Being Human?

This is an interesting article about the ways we expect our children to uphold the persona of being happy, carefree, and lighthearted at all times. In doing so, we neglect to remember that regardless our age, human beings are complex feeling creatures, and children are no exception. This article investigates the necessity to allow kids to feel emotions from the entire spectrum of feeling rather than accepting certain moods and emotions while punishing them for feeling the darker, less tolerable states of being. click here to read the article.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

What it Means to Hold Space for Someone

 Holding space for someone to be who they are, in whatever experience they are in, is a skill and a gift we can offer one another. Though easier said than done, when we offer to hold space for someone, we let them know that we will patiently sit with them in their moment(s) of deep emotion or experience. Though often uncomfortable to hold this space, what a kindness to offer to another. This article does a nice job of explaining this skill. click here to read more.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016