Monday, August 1, 2011


How often do you show loving kindness toward yourself? Often the kindness we show to others is not reflected towards ourselves. Often this lack of self-compassion results in treatment toward ourselves that we would never put onto others. Negativity, insecurity, doubt, and meanness are just a few ways in which we show a lack of self-compassion to ourselves.

The practice of loving kindness encourages a supportive, compassionate perspective when thinking, perceiving, and being involved with our inner dialogues. Truthfully, beating ourselves down does nothing for us. Perhaps increased happiness and prosperity will come if we treat ourselves with kindness, love, and compassion. Here are a few loving kindness phrases to help with a kindly inward-facing attitude.

-May I love myself just as I am
-May I be truly happy
-May I find peace in this uncertain world
-May I be free from sorrow
-May I care for myself with ease
-May I love and be loved
-May I pursue a life that holds meaning and purpose

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